1030 Alexis Brill

1031 Jillian Janson

1032 Vicki Chase

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Just Jillin’. 13:21

Jillian’s best assets are pretty obvious right from the beginning with the face of a super model and a stunning smile. Her posing is not bad either with an elegance of motion and poise throughout. The strip tease progresses slowly through various states of undress with some occasional ass crack views as she pulls the panties aside.

Goldilocks and the Tree Bares. 12:22

Now completely nude except for the shoes Jillian spends all of this clip just showing off her naked body with lots of attention to her pussy and ass. There’s plenty of up the butt views while bending over and lying on her front plus a beautiful upshot as she squirms and squats over your face. Everything gets spread open with two hands wrapped around behind her ass while squatting in your face. She strikes a beautiful pose lying on her side in the last few minutes with her ass and pussy thrust well out in the open.

Shady Buzzness. 15:52

Jillian lies back on the couch with her favourite toy, a large hitachi vibrator that brings on lots of contractions and one squirting orgasm. After the squirt she continues on stimulating her pussy for quite a long time. Though not producing any more squirts there is still plenty to see with a lot of very prominent muscle contractions in her anus as she reacts to the toy. It’s a great video if you like watching a girls asshole winking. After she is done with the toy you can clearly see how wet she got as she dips one finger in her vagina and pulls out a long string of pussy juice stuck to her finger. The audio is not great in this clip with lots of background city and traffic noise (fixable in other clips but not here).