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551 Karlie Montana

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Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Karlie's considerable attributes are well displayed in this video once again. She has arguably the most amazing figure of any girl on the site and a very entertaining personality to go with it.

Scene 1

Zee Bra and Zee Panties. 11:01

Karlie is her usual talkative and entertaining self in this video. Her stunningly beautiful figure looks amazing in her zebra print bra and panty. We take plenty of time to admire the perfect fit of her panties around her ass and crotch. There's a beautiful underside view as she gives herself a wedgie both in the front and the back. Her comments are often quite witty and amusing.

Under Evaluation. ITC Favorite 6:25

With Karlie standing over top of you we get a thorough gaze up her gorgeous undercarriage. There's some awesome ass wobbling action and excellent pussy and ass spreading. The front side low angle view shows excellent pussy lip views with no hands in the way. She continues to talk to you through the whole clip.

Clear View Map of Montana. ITC Favorite 11:48

This very unique video features Karlie sitting on a very unique see through chair. It affords some very interesting underside views showing her pussy lips squished against the surface. Her ass looks nothing less than spectacular in this sitting position as seen from underneath. There's some excellent anus winking action which she is exceptionally talented at. We get an excellent close up view through the seat with pussy and winking anus filling your view. She does some squirming around on the chair resulting in very interesting and entertaining perspectives on her pussy and ass. At the end there's a nice top side view looking down from above giving yet another interesting perspective on her beautiful curves.

You need a Noise Job. ITC Favorite 6:47

Karlie gets up on the counter top to masturbate with her very noisy vibrator which sounds more like a chain saw. There's a little bit of insertion but mostly she just rubs the vibrator on her clitoris. The masturbation action is quite exceptional and genuine with obvious anus muscle flexing during and after her orgasm and traces of pussy juice in her vaginal opening. After she reaches the orgasm she continues to tease her sensitive clit with the vibrator causing lots of anal/vaginal muscle twitching.