492 Anastasia

493 Karlie Montana

494 Tia Cyrus

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Karlie has the unusual combination of unique personality and one of the most amazing bodies we have ever shot. Both are well showcased here. Her frequent verbal musings are anything but cliche porn talk and are often quite amusing and entertaining.

Scene 1

A Half Assed Web Sight. 9:15

Karlie looks amazing in her quasi 60s style dress. Though it is somewhat loose draping the fit is fantastic allowing her awesome figure to show through. The tease is quite delicious as you anticipate the view of her rather unusual assless panties.

Under the Moon and the Stares. 6:36

With her dress and panties now gone Karlie now gives you a beautiful nude pussy and ass show. She amuses herself by lifting and spreading her ass cheeks and dropping them in your face. She stands over your face and talks about smothering you with her ass. Later she turns around and hovers her pussy over your face sometimes displaying it hands free and other times squeezing the lips together or spreading them apart.

Two Footy Sex in the Afternoon. 6:25

We take a little diversion now specifically for the foot fetish people. Karlie soaks her feet in the bath tub and then washes them with gooey blue liquid soap. The blue soap combined with her nicely painted red toe nails makes for a colourful scene. You'll love how she squishes her fingers between her toes making one big gooey sudsy mess.

Now Glisten here ya Bum. ITC Favorite 10:12

Karlie gets down in the tub lying on her front for a beautiful wet ass show. The booty bobbing action is quite intoxicating with some awesome crack views as she lifts her ass up out of the water. The scene is truly stunning with the addition of big gobs of blue soap and streams of water running through her crack.

I'm Feeling Hung over. ITC Favorite 5:46

Karlie sits on the edge of the bath tub with her ass hanging right out over the edge. The full body view shows her fantastic posture while the underside view shows the perspective you all dream off. Her ass literally hangs out in mid air giving a fantastic perspective on her gorgeous undercarriage from below. She rubs out a really quick orgasm in this position and you can see her anus winking at you as she clenches her muscles.

Up the Crack without a Piddle. 3:52

Karlie maintains the same position with her ass hanging over the edge of the bath tub and attempts to pee. Unfortunately the pee never came but you get a long gaze up her gorgeous undercarriage from below and she talks to you through it all. There's some interesting anus winking at one point.