453 Gracie Glam

454 Blue Angel

455 Chloe James

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Uninstall the Firm Wear. 8:34

Blue Angel slowly strips off her her top and shorts to reveal the ultimate firm body with all the right curves in all the right places. There's plenty of close up tease with the shorts and then her thong panties that hug the depths of her quite spectacular ass crack.

Back up and Reboot. ITC Favorite 11:34

Now with Blue Angel completely naked she spends most of this clip shoving her spectacular ass in your face with some beautiful squirming motion enhancing the views. After some great bend over posing she then strikes a fantastic pose lying on her side with beautiful shapes flowing in all directions. She has an exceptional body type that somehow allows her naughty bits to project out for maximum exposure whenever she bends over or even lifts her butt up a little bit. When she lies on her front and we get some really beautiful close up views right in her ass crack. Towards the end she does the splits with one leg forward and one leg back.

Five Mega Hurts Digital Processor. ITC Favorite 10:34

Blue Angel's finger masturbation session goes above and beyond the normal performance as she literally buries her entire hand up inside her pussy all the way to her wrist. She is one of the very few models that can not just pose but actually masturbate with an entire hand up her pussy. She does it in multiple positions including on her back, on her side and bending over on her knees. There's a few pauses in the fisting action during which she spreads her pussy with two hands. She eventually pumps her pussy to a climax with one hand plunging in and out of her pussy while the other rubs her clitoris. There's a brief gaping pussy shot at the end.

Inner Wet Explorer. 3:00

Blue Angel leans back on the couch with her knees back and just spreads her pussy wide open for the duration of this clip. The close up inside views show lots of puffy folds of her vagina walls.

Insert a Dig of Ram. ITC Favorite 9:31

Blue Angel's toy show may be even more exciting than her fisting show. It's maybe not as unique or interesting but she does eventually bring herself to a beautiful real orgasm with the powerful tip of the vibrator on her clitoris while she pumps her pussy with the big dong. Her position is super flexible with her knees pulled so far back that they actually rest on the couch putting her pussy right out in the open for maximum exposure. You can clearly see the contractions in her anus as she reaches her orgasm. She continues to clench and twitch for quite a while afterwards as she dabbles the vibrator on the tip of her sensitive clitoris.