435 Debbie White

436 Karlie Montana

437 Brandy Smile

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Window Watcher. 17:48

Karlie does a lot of teasing poses standing next to the window with her spectacular figure showing through her tight little red dress. She is her usual talkative self with some goofy playful chatter. Once you see her beautiful panties wrapped tight around her amazing ass you will know why we brought her back for more. Karlie has surely one of the best figures, posture and ass of any girl on the site. The panties come down just under her ass and you are treated to a beautiful close up ass crack inspection with lots of butt spreading. After she gets completely naked the mood turns more playful as she spreads her ass cheeks against the windows and she even goes outside in view of the whole neighbourhood doing the same thing on the outside of the glass.

Round up the Posse. 5:59

Karlie now moves to the day bed to pose and roll around naked with lots of beautiful ass views. She gets her ass up a little and winks her ass hole in your face. The poses lying on her side are especially curvy with her big hip and ass curves bulging out and her spread ass out in open air.

In the Meddle of Montana. 3:05

Karlie gets into some pussy fiddling action while lying back on the day bed. It's not so much like masturbation but more just fiddling and spreading. You get some really nice close up views with nothing left to the imagination.

Here Cums a Karlie Day Vixen. 3:51

The real masturbation begins with a red vibrating dildo. It doesn't take her long to work up to a beautiful orgasm with lot of obvious clenching of muscles around her anus and perineum area.

Vagin' out. 7:59

This clip is all pussy spreading with lots of close up views right in her vaginal opening. The extreme close up views are not quite at our usual quality but you can clearly see her puffy vagina walls pushing in and out. She ends the scene putting her shoes back on and she walk out of the room.

Go with Plan Pee. 2:52

Karlie goes outside to pee standing with one leg raised while you view it all from underneath. She is very talkative, playful and entertaining in this clip.