335 Lexa

336 Heather Vandeven

337 Alisson

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Reddy, Set, Show. 10:30

We see Heather posing in the photography studio looking super sexy in her short red dress with a black thong panty on underneath. After the dress comes off she bends over to show her ass with the tiny thong hiding virtually nothing as it curves through her ass crack and pussy slit.

Cum Heather. 12:49

Now Heather poses fully nude showing some nice spread pussy views while lying on her side before starting some pussy rubbing action. There's quite a lot of pussy rubbing to warm up for the little red vibrator that follows. She brings herself to a climax with two fingers dabbling inside her vagina and the vibrator jammed against her clitoris.

Twat you Talking about? 6:47

This clip is mostly all close up open pussy views with a little bit of sexy talking. As we zoom right into her open vagina she starts talking about her vagina. In the last portion she turns over onto her front and continues spreading her pussy wide open with her hands wrapped around behind her ass.

The Immaculate Cunt Section. 5:01

Heather splits her vagina wide open with a speculum so that you can ogle her cervix while she continues talking to you. She gets the giggle for a little while making her vagina walls convulse during the inside views. Heather may have the most perfect cervix we've shot yet as there's not a single flaw to be found anywhere. In the second half she turns over onto her knees with her bare ass and gaping pussy in the air.