211 Carli Banks

212 Karlie Montana

213 Alyssa Reece

Shoot Location: St Thomas, Virgin Islands

Scene 1

Villa Vision Show. 2:28

Karlie takes you on a quick little tour around the outdoors of a beautiful island villa with spectacular views. There is no nudity in this though she is quite a sight in her tight little mini skirt and black top. Her outrageous curves are almost cartoon-like with her tiny waist barely half the size of her ass. Her personality comes through nicely as she talks to you about the surroundings throughout this clip.

Island Boogie. 5:47

This content might be a first for inthecrack as Karlie just dances to music through this entire clip. She looked so good in her black and red outfit that we just had her keep it on for the duration. There's plenty of rhythmic ass wagging and boogying in front of your face as well as some nice up skirt and panty views. Like the first clip there's no nudity though it's great for watching gorgeous curves in motion and her personality comes through again.

Cool Da Bum. 1:29

This is a little behind the scenes snippet as Karlie cools down lying on the coffe table after dancing up a sweat. She talks and clowns a little bit through this clip as well. There is no nudity here yet.

A Hot Panty See. 6:07

Karlie finally gets down to a strip tease on the porch in this clip. There's tons of realy nice views of her exceptionally well fitting panties curving snuggly around her ass cheeks. The main focus is entirely on panties with just a brief bit of nudity at the end.

Watching Chick Flex. 5:09

Now the naked girlie parts inspection begins with lots of fantastic ass spreading and some really sexy anus muscle flexing. Later she turns around and we get the close up pussy view from low down in front. Amazingly she can make her pussy lips flex with no hands. Her entire pussy moves as she flexes her kegel muscle. Karlie's charater is quite goofy yet very sexy as she playfully shows you what she can do.

Kiss my Glass. ITC Favorite 12:23

Karlie sits on a glass top coffe table and suggests maybe you should go underneath to check out the view. This clip has personality plus as Karlie has a blast rocking back and forth so her pussy lips squish against the glass. She even flexes her anus so that is touches the glass. The views are certainly very unique showing you what a girl's ass might look like when she sits on it. Towards the end the glass starts to get covered in sticky prints and then she licks the surface exactly where her pussy and anus have been smeared on the glass. You also get a unique view of her tongue through the glass as she licks the table. Her amusing commentary through all of this is very entertaining. Her verbal dialogue is anything but typical of a porn star but in fact rather imaginative and genuine.

Cum and Squeeze my Show. ITC Favorite 6:58

Now leaning back on the couch with her legs spread wide Karlie uses a red vibrator first dabbling it inside her pussy and then rubbing it on her clit. If you watch her anus you can clearly see very prominant muscle contractions as she reacts to the vibrator on her clit. After grinding out a great orgasm she spends the rest of the clip just teasing her sensitive clit with the vibrator twitching and quivering with every touch. Karlie has some of the most prominant anal/vaginal muscle contractions we've ever seen. She also has a nice little dab of creamy pussy juice that sits at the entrance of her vagina through the entire second half of this clip.

Montana's Wide Open Cuntry. ITC Favorite 5:15

Karlie finishes off her video with some great pussy spreading and even more fantastic anal/vaginal muscle flexing. This time she flexes and pushes it all out right in your face. Sometimes she makes the inside of her vagina push right out so that her vaginal folds are virtually outside of her pussy. Once again there's more amusing verbal commentary accompanying the graphic views.