185 Devi Emmerson

186 Karlie Montana

187 Erin Avery

Shoot Location: Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

Scene 1

Strip Wrecked. 10:07

We see Karlie on the beach as she poses in her brown bikini and gives you some preliminary peeks inside. She actually does some fantastic ass spreading showing off her spectacular form with a clear view straight up her spread undercarriage. She then walks up the beach to a little boat wreck that has been converted into a pretty rough bar and she's greeted there by Layla before going onto the bow to continue her strip tease. Layla and the boat captain are seen minding there own business at the bar in the background while Karlie gets naked and teases you posing as only Karlie can.

Drips Ahoy! 7:27

Now sitting naked on the bow of the boat Karlie uses a toy to pump her pussy until she gets all juicy. She creams up really nicely with her girlie goo all gathering around the outside of her vagina. After she's satisfied with a good pussy pumping session she puts the toy aside and spreads her vagina open with a couple of fingers. She starts talking to you at the end of this as she shows you her pussy and anus muscle flexing skills.

The Sandy Crack Bar. 8:54

Those who enjoy Karlie's playful personality will want to watch this clip as she explores around the old boat bar finding all kinds of interesting old junk. She virtually gives a running commentary on everything as she goes and it's sometimes quite humorous. We get good and distracted with staring up her bum while she's not paying attention and then again when she's deliberately showing us her ass. At the end she bends over on her knees to show you her anus squeezing in and out.

Frolic in the Surf. 9:27

Karlie goes back out onto the beach to roll around in the little waves at the edge of the beach. There's some really nice crawling and sexy posing with the waves washing up all around her. Parts of this are just pure sexy with beautiful posing and other parts are more playful and giggly as the waves slap her in the ass. The last shot is particularly nice as Karlie walks out into the deep water and walks back out looking like a complete goddess.

Scene 2

Bum Fish. 4:44

In our after hours snorkeling excursion we soon realized that Karlie's ass looks amazing floating around in the water so we had to shoot it. Perhaps her butt is naturally buoyant because it continually stick up well out of the water as she swims around. You can actually see the outline of her pussy lips showing through her bikini bottom at times. Half way through she takes off her bikini bottom and swims around completely naked while we fixate on her lovely ass. The image is perhaps not as steady as we would have liked due to the fact the camera is hand held, zoomed in, and on the rolling boat. However there's plenty of nice moments with a clear view and surprisingly frequent views up her ass and between her legs considering the conditions.

Captain Bumsquirt. 5:30

Karlie is joined by Layla on the back of the boat in this clip as the lucky boat captain gets to shower them down. Both girls get thoroughly squirted up the ass and there's plenty of giggly playfulness as the girls seem to enjoy it as much as the captain.