120 Karlie Montana

121 Karlie Montana

122 Shy Love

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Karlie is more quiet than usual in the first scene (outdoors) due to neighbors within earshot, which is great if you prefer seeing the girl just doing her thing. Later in the second and third scenes she is back to her usual talkative entertaining self.

Scene 1

Sunshine Girl. 9:23

Karlie does her little strip tease in a beautiful sunny outdoor set. We take a good look at how her tight shorts hug her fabulous ass curves before she takes them off. In the latter half Karlie does some really nice nude posing showing of her beautiful figure and we get some great up the ass views.

Baked Goods. 5:55

Now completely naked Karlie poses doggy style on the deck chair and wags her ass in the air. We get a major eyeful of curvy girlie parts waving in your face before she turns over to show off her naked pussy. Now we take a close up look at her clitoris and her spread open vagina.

Go Play Outside. 11:30

Lying on the deck chair Karlie gets busy with some heavy masturbation, first using just fingers and then using a dildo. At first we just admire her lips up close as she squeezes them between her fingers before she gets more energetic with a stronger pussy rub. Then she uses the dildo to bring herself to a nice (perhaps real) orgasm. You can see her anus squeezing in and out afterwards as she recovers from her orgasm.

Where the Sun Does Shine. ITC Favorite 4:47

Karlie flips over to lie on her front to do a little sun tanning... and give us a really nice look up her gorgeous bum while she waves it around in the sun. We get right in close for an excellent view of her anus as she squeezes her anus muscle in and out. Her ass crack is not quite perfectly shaved as there's a few stray hairs.

Scene 2

Upskirt Flirt. ITC Favorite 13:53

This is so much more than just a strip tease. Karlie is back to her usual talkative self and in fine form with her non stop verbal tease while showing you lots of up skirt views. Her fabulous personality really sparkles throughout this clip, perhaps more so than anywhere else. In spite of it being a tease there's still plenty of naked pussy and ass views. She does lots of dancing over your face, playful little spins so that her skirt flies up, and she pretends to drop things so that she has to bend over, all the while verbally teasing you about what you are seeing.

Nude Interlude. 4:11

Karlie quickly removes her skirt and just poses nude showing off her sexy curves. Her verbal tease continues as she plays with her boobs and tries to lick them. Her facial expressions are sometimes amusing.

In the Hills of Montana. 6:45

We take some time to just gaze upon Karlie's amazing ass and admire the fabulous curves. She tells some amusing anecdotes while spreading and bouncing her ass in your face. We soak in some really nice up the bum crack views for quite a while before she moves to a doggy style pose on the chair. Sometimes she slaps her ass and other times she grips it really hard so that it leaves marks on her cheeks.

Pussy Pondering. 9:05

This clip is all close up pussy exploration as Karlie opens everything up and gives you a running commentary about all of her pussy parts. There's lots of lip fiddling and also extensive vaginal entrance views. Her pussy doesn't open up so wide that you see all the way inside but you get a really detailed view of her opening with lots of vaginal folds poking out like a blooming flower.

Karlie's Little Helpers. 6:20

Karlie uses two purple vibrators to bring herself to orgasm once again. First she just jams one against her clit and then she adds another one inside her vagina. You can see her anus squeezing in and out ass she orgasms. Afterwards she lightly dabbles her finger on her sensitive clitoris.

A Musing House Tour. 6:53

Karlie wonders all around the house naked just looking at all the interesting decorations and commenting on everything that she sees. It's not so graphic but you might find her musings somewhat entertaining. At one point she sits on a glass table and we get the underside view of her pussy lips all mashed against the glass.

Scene 3

Pool Shark...Not! 12:51

Wearing curve hugging jeans and a loose hanging top Karlie shows off her talents (or lack thereof) at the pool table. It's soon evident that she's completely clueless at pool which is actually really cute. In actual fact we believe she's just playing the part of a clueless ditzy girl but it works really well with her amusing ongoing commentary. After a while we get a bit distracted with her shapely ass packed into her nicely cut jeans. Then she takes off all her cloths and poses naked on top of the pool table. She tries to stuff a pool ball inside her pussy, unsuccessfully, but she has lots of fun fooling around with the balls.

The Buzz around the Pool Hall. 5:26

Karlie pulls a pocket rocket from the side pocket of the pool table and puts it to good use on her clitoris. She gradually works herself up to another great real orgasm. Once again you can clearly see her contractions as her anus quivers and squeezes in and out as she cums. Afterwards she playfully dabbles the vibrator on her sensitive clit making it contract as she squeezes down with her muscles.

In the Center Pocket. 1:37

In this brief clip Karlie uses her pussy as a target while we shoot a couple of rather lame trick shots. Though the shots are nothing special her usual playful character comes through yet again.

Scene 4

Shooting the Breeze. 5:45

This clip continues in the same theme as "A Musing House tour" above but now outdoors. Fully naked Karlie explores around the back yard of the house looking at all the interesting sculptures and other things. It's not so graphic but still quite entertaining.