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120 Karlie Montana

121 Karlie Montana

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

You wont want to miss this one if you like character girls with lots of personality. Karlie is a real tease and she talks to you throughout almost all of this video. Her talking isn't exactly cliché dirty talk but more genuine musings and teasing babblings about beautiful body and her naughty bits.

Scene 1

Hug the Curves. 11:40

Karlie does a little strip tease pealing out of her pink shirt and checkered shorts. Except for a couple of minute silent stretch she talks almost constantly about her shorts, panties, panty lines, cameltoe and boobs. There's a fairly long segment showing off her boobs but for most of this clip we just admire her skin tight shorts while she tells us all about it. She has an amazing figure and the stripes on her shorts really enhance her curves. There's a little bit of panty views near the end after the shorts come off but no bottomless nudity.

Cameltoe Pose. 6:07

Wearing just her panties Karlie does a great little tease alternately showing you little peeks inside the front of her panties and then pulling them back up. She also holds the front her panties down for a longer time so you can get a good look at her pussy lips inside her panties. She strikes several beautiful poses that really show off her fabulous figure and then pulls her panties right off and turns around to briefly spread and bounce her naked ass in your face. Her teasing personality really sparkles as times in this clip.

Move it you Bum. ITC Favorite 16:17

This clip is loaded with extensive up the ass views in several different positions. At first there's some brief posing to show off her lovely figure and then it's all spread ass all the time. Standing up she spreads and wobbles her ass over your face all the while talking about everything to do with her ass. She sometimes also spreads her pussy open at the same time. Then she goes doggy style and shows off her ass hole muscle. We get a super close up view of her anus to ogle all the action as she squeezes it in and out. In the last part she poses lying on her side with her ass spread wide open. The view is spectacular in this pose with her fabulous curves flowing around all of her naughty bits all spread open for your viewing pleasure. Once again her teasing character sparkles as she momentarily takes the view away and then gives it all up again.

Lessons of the Flesh. 5:52

Karlie spreads all of her goods open and we get right in close to inspect her pussy while she gives us a verbal anatomy lesson. She tells you all about all of her pussy parts and then we take a good look at her clitoris up close. She can make her clit disappear and reappear as she flexes her pussy muscles. There's a few momentary focus issues.

Cum Quiver. ITC Favorite 7:21

Karlie uses a couple of vibrators to bring herself to a very real orgasm. At first she is still in her talkative mode but then she just shuts up and concentrates on her own pleasure as she pushes one vibrator up her pussy and jams the other one against her clit. You can frequently see her anus squeezing in and out when the vibrator touches her clitoris. Then when she orgasms you can really see the contractions, especially with her ass hole squeezing in and out. After her orgasm you can see her sensitive clitoris and anus still quivering and squeezing up to a minute after her orgasm. She becomes talkative again as she talks about her sensitive pussy parts and tries to touch her clit again.

Wide open Montana. 4:22

Karlie now uses two fingers to yank open her vagina as much as she can. For much of this she is still talkative and perhaps slightly goofy but entertaining. We get right in close to have a good look around in her moist vaginal opening.

Open House. 4:27

The end of this scene turned into a virtual tour of the house as Karlie became very playful and frolicked nude all around the house. Don't expect any graphic nudity but you will experience her fabulous personality completely unrestrained as she lets loose in her playful little romp. Considering we're not constrained to a lit set the lighting is sometimes average.

Scene 2

Walk a Mile in her Shoes. 9:45

Karlie takes a sexy walk on the treadmill while wearing her high heel shoes. In the first half she is wearing tight shorts and then strips to her blue string bikini. In the second half she walks completely naked but still wearing her high heel shoes. There's several lovely ass in motion views and the brief front view is particularly sexy - if you don't mind seeing all our lighting gear in the picture too. There's a couple of brief focus issues.

Scene 3

Upside Gown. 8:11

Karlie poses and strips from her swirly striped dress. We get several really nice up skirt panty views as she poses over the camera. She strips down to her panties and talks about her clit showing through her panties. There is no bottomless nudity. There's a few moments where our camera lens is noticeably dirty.

Butt up and Shut up. 9:30

Karlie quickly strips out of her panties and presents her ass to you for inspection. For most of this clip Karlie quits talking, sticks her ass up, spreads her legs super wide open, and just lets you gaze up her lovely ass and ogle the beautiful bumscape. There's some occasional butt jiggle and some spread pussy. Near the end she playfully slaps her ass hole with one finger making it squeeze in.

Foot Crazy. 3:55

Foot fetish people, this is your one rare opportunity to see girlie feet up close inthecrack style. Karlie first shows off her legs in the air and then takes off her shoes. She playfully talks about her feet and sucks on her big toe.

Karlie's got Glass. 6:59

Now Karlie gets busy with a glass dildo inside her pussy and a vibrator on her clitoris. You have a great viewpoint as she comes to another nice real orgasm complete with obvious and visible contractions. Her anus once again squeezes in and out during her orgasm.

One Last Look. 3:14

You get one last close up look inside Karlie's open pussy. She tries to make her pussy fart, unsuccessfully, but you do see her vagina pushing out as she tries to do it.